MF Elezita – Karishma Kapoor

MF Elezita – Karishma Kapoor

Singles/assorted available @ Rs.1500

Whatsapp: 8767788555 / Mail us at

IMG-20150627-WA0012-723553 IMG-20150627-WA0014-712968 IMG-20150627-WA0015-738415 IMG-20150627-WA0016-708240 IMG-20150627-WA0017-718430 IMG-20150627-WA0018-702769 IMG-20150627-WA0019-744948 IMG-20150627-WA0020-732971 IMG-20150627-WA0021-754144 IMG-20150627-WA0022-749765 IMG-20150627-WA0023-728495  IMG-20150627-WA0027-758293IMG-20150627-WA0024-762777


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